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Cowboys from Hell 20th Anniversary Deluxe CD
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Cowboys from Hell 20th Anniversary Deluxe CD

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To celebrate the 20-year anniversary of COWBOYS FROM HELL, Rhino is releasing this three-disc Deluxe Edition. This includes a newly remastered version of the original album along with unreleased and rare live performances from the “Cowboys From Hell” Tour. This version also features a disc of unreleased demos for nearly every album track, plus, “The Will To Survive,” a previously unreleased song recorded during the album’s sessions.

Disc 1 - Original 12 track album
Disc 2 - Live 12 tracks
Disc 3 - Demos 11 tracks Item #: BGCDPT02
Track Listing
Disc One
1. “Cowboys From Hell”
2. “Primal Concrete Sledge”
3. “Psycho Holiday”
4. “Heresy”
5. “Cemetery Gates”
6. “Domination”
7. “Shattered”
8. “Clash With Reality”
9. “Medicine Man”
10. “Message In Blood”
11. “The Sleep”
12. “The Art Of Shredding”

Disc Two
1. “Domination” – Live*
2. “Psycho Holiday” – Live*
3. “The Art Of Shredding” – Live*
4. “Cowboys From Hell” – Live*
5. “Cemetery Gates” – Live*
6. “Primal Concrete Sledge” – Live*
7. “Heresy” – Live*
8. “Domination” – Live, Alive And Hostile EP†
9. “Primal Concrete Sledge” – Live, Alive And Hostile EP†
10. “Cowboys From Hell” – Live, Alive And Hostile EP†
11. “Heresy” – Live, Alive And Hostile EP†
12. “Psycho Holiday” – Live, Alive And Hostile EP†

Disc Three
1. “The Will To Survive”*
2. “Shattered” – Demo*
3. “Cowboys From Hell” – Demo*
4. “Heresy” – Demo*
5. “Cemetery Gates” – Demo*
6. “Psycho Holiday” – Demo*
7. “Medicine Man” – Demo*
8. “Message In Blood” – Demo*
9. “Domination” – Demo*
10. “The Sleep” – Demo*
11. “The Art Of Shredding” – Demo*

* Previously Unreleased
† Unreleased in the U.S.
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Billy Garner (8/26/2015)
I was never a big Pantera fan, but I will have to say that I never really listen to Pantera when I was younger. THAT IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST MISTAKES I'VE EVER MADE. I have been trying to make up for it sense I got the CD. It is fantastic now I know what the fuss was about and again I'm sorry for my lapse in judgment I will forever be trying to make it up to you guys thank you so much for the music. Side note after getting the CD I went to the Dean Guitars site and bought a Dime limited guitar the one with the razor inlay from the oak tree in his yard, I couldn't get the American made one and it took about a month but I got the 198 out of 200 so at least I have a piece of cool ass history. Again thanks for the Music